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Herbal Tea Blends Herbal Capsules Sample Packs Sir Richard's Vegan Condoms - 3 Pack
Herbal Tea Blends
Our Price: $7.50
Teas come in bags of 10.

We have a wide array of herbs: Email Heal@chosenwomb.com for custom formulas.

Contact for other questions for specific herbs, custom formulations or allergy concerns.

Each Sample Pack of Herbal Capsules are handmade with the finest organic herbs. The capsules can also be opened and added to soups, drinks & smoothies. Each Sample Pack contains 12 capsules. Contact for bulk pricing.

SuperGreen (Alfalfa)

High cholesterol,


Osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis,

Upset stomach (& hangovers)

Bleeding disorders (helps blood clot).

Source of vitamins A, C, E, and K4

Minerals: calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and iron.

Hibiscus Health Harmony

High blood pressure


Bacterial infections

Weight loss (diuretic) and

Fevers (vitamin C)

Energy Alive (Ginseng)

Boosts Energy

Lowers blood sugar & Cholesterol levels

Reduces stress

Promotes relaxation

Treats diabetes

Treat sexual dysfunction in men

Get It Up! (Fo-Ti)



High cholesterol

Hair Health (Slows/Stops Greying)


Sexual Vigor

Detox the body

Lowers blood pressure

Combining worry-free protection with pure pleasure, Sir Richard's Condom Company presents the Classic Ribbed, a slick lubricated latex condom with a receptacle tip and lots of texture.

Rigorously tested for reliability and maximum sensation, the Classic Ribbed is also vegan certified and PETA approved. For every condom purchased, Sir Richard's contributes another to someone in a developing country, meaning that your safe choice has a ripple effect, spreading sexual safety and awareness worldwide.

* Natural rubber latex. Paraben, spermicide, glycerine and petrochemical free.
Custom Tincture Mind Over Matter Migraine/Hangover Support
Custom Tincture
Our Price: $17.00
Everyone is different! Need something customized? Just let us know what you need and any allergies and we will get it right to you!

No refunds.
Our Mind/Matter Tincture is comprised of Feverfew and a botanical blend to prevent headaches and hangovers.

Feverfew is a flowering plant that is used for migraines, hangovers, blood clots and arthritis.

*It is not suggested to take with Aspirin or while pregnant. Contact for allergy concerns.