Chosen Womb
Healing Wombs Through Health Education

Chosen Womb Holistic Healing is focused on healing the wombs of women through reproductive health education, holistic healing, and culturally competency. Our main goal is for the body to heal itself using ancient healing.
We specialize in reproductive health, including:
  • achieving fertility
  • hormone balancing
  • fibroids
  • breast issues
  • lactation (breastfeeding)
  • and other womb issues (heavy or missing periods, etc)
  • common annoyances (colds, flus, etc)


Founded by Holistic Health Practitioner, Akinyi Reine, Chosen Womb strives to heal the whole woman (or man!) and not just treat the problem. She holds a BA of Arts in Comparative Women's Studies with a concentration in Women's Health from Spelman College and is a member of the International Childbirth Association & American Pregnancy Association. Also, Akinyi is holds a Certificate in Lactation Counseling and Eduation and is working towards certification as a Childbirth Educator. She is also trained as an herbalist specializing in women's health. Akinyi is studying to become a Midwife & loves teaching about women's and reproductive health. She has always been a breastfeeding and natural birth advocate and is a mother of 2 children who were breastfed.


Our philosophy is simple. We believe the body can heal itself. We believe that infertility should NOT be the norm, and that birth is not a time for intervention, but for a natural process to occur. We believe that connecting to nature and affirming one's health is apart of life. We believe that no two wombs are the same. Each womb is chosen to flourish.

Because we are holistic, we do not endorse pharmaceuticals or Western Medicine, but will refer to Naturopathic Doctors (ND). We also have a resource list of other healers such as yoni steam practitioners, reiki healers, doulas, and chiropractors, and more!

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